In the learning process, as in any process, it is very important how much the teacher is able to present information, his involvement and focus on results. I would say that if you got to Bruno, then you are very lucky! Because he, as super versatile musician, knows and, most importantly, clearly conveys all the information - from the tiny details of creating sound, during working with space, to the structure of the track, and will help you get into the position of an observer over your music. Thank you professor, for all the knowledge that I have, and for the motivation!
Elizabeth Izvarina
(Moscow - Russia)
I'm Facundo 'Laion' founder of kmt records label based in Buenos Aires Argentina and Mexico Tulum. For more than 4 years we have been working together in a super professional way and with the benefit of a super personalized treatment according to the measures of each Release, achieving incredible results in each Master & Mix work.
VRuno demonstrates his constant growth and learning giving better and better results in terms of quality and power of sounds leaving us a really professional final product in all KMT RECORDS releases.
(Tulum - Mexico)
If you are looking for a professional and fun way to start your journey I really suggest Vruno. He’s been our first approach to electronic music production and we are really happy that happened with him.When we started we didn’t know anything about it. With love for music and dedication Vruno helped us to understand the program (Ableton) first of all and then he went deeper teaching us about frequencies and automatizations , melody and harmony, stereo and mono , and so on. He gave us a full explication, helping us to get into it in a simple and clear way. He’s got the knowledges and the skill to be clear with his words, easy to understand.It also gives us so much more understanding about how to use the effects while we’re DJing.We’re thankful that we had this opportunity to grow our creativity with practice and theory, we are really satisfy.A honest friend and excelent teacher. Meli y Franci. Ukiyo.
Ukiyo (Melissa & Fran)
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