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What is Kuy Kuy Berlin?

I believe in giving you practical experience right away, if you are new into music or if you want to refine your skills. With my private online lessons you will define what you want to learn: Music Foundations, Music Production, DJ, Live Performance Sound Design, Mixing & Mastering,..
The method that I apply is giving you realistic tools and resources that I accumulated along my 13 years of learning and playing electronic music.
The lessons are given in English and Spanish.

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Kuy Kuy is an educational online platform based in Berlin.
Dedicated to anyone who is looking to grow his talent no matter if you are a beginner or you want to refine your skills.

About the courses
For artists or music label

Mixing & Mastering

We provide a full service for your tracks, Mixing& Mastering and giving you the Stems, all corrections are included until you are satisfied with the results.

Who Im

Hi! Im Bruno Saldivar

Personal Instructor and Electronic Music Producer & Live Electronic Music Performer.
Born and raised in Chile, Valparaiso, and now in days a Berlin resident; I have been studying most of my life from Music Composition, to Sound Engineering and Music Production, I decided to pursue my dreams and goals and achieve my them with my perseverance and love for music I have been able to grow large experience and unbelievable memories playing around the world… My goal is to help you achieve your goals!
Grow your talent.
Let's quickly build-refine and create strong roots on music foundation, music production skills, understanding DJ, sound design, mixing & mastering!
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